For organizations eager to create an equitable and inclusive workplace culture, Michèle Newton’s unique lens as a biracial educator, tenured communicator and passionate entrepreneur adds an impactful element to equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging strategies in need of inspiration and lasting results. 

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Equity-based Communications

  • Equity-based Communications

  • Inclusion Project & Content Consulting

  • Strategic Communications Plans

  • Sensitivity Reading/Editing

Inclusive and Anti-Racism Education

  • Inclusive Communications 

  • Anti-Racism - Transforming to Action 

  • Customized Professional Development 

  • Workshops and Seminar Series

With the Black Lives Matter movement and heightened awareness of systemic racism impacting all sectors, ensuring communicators develop and hone the effectiveness of their cross-cultural communications couldn’t be more important. The intersection of Michèle's public, private and corporate sector communications background with her community-based diversity and inclusion work enables her to provide clients unique insights and leading expertise.


Public Relations and Media

  • Socially Conscious Media Relations and Publicity

  • Strategic Sponsorships/Partnerships

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Key Messaging & Corporate Media Training

Past clients and collaborations

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Executive Advisory

  • Individual Professional Development

  • DEI Collaborative Problem Solving

  • Inclusion and Belonging Learning Journey



Nick Manning

Associate Vice-President,


This anti-racism and inclusion training - delivered to our mainly white communication teams - exactly hit the spot of what we needed to continue on our journey way to support the University of Waterloo’s efforts to weave anti-racism into the fabric of our institution. Michèle took time to understand our specific needs, was mindful to engage with racialized and Indigenous people on our campus to gain their insights, and delivered content to match that research. In delivery, Michèle hit exactly the right tone for us: at once supportive, challenging and inspiring.

Lisa Banks


External Relations

The Inclusive Communications workshop was excellent. Your content and delivery captivated your audience and sparked thoughtful questions and a very informative exchange. You guided us to see things differently, punctuated by your case studies, and inspired several ideas in doing so. This is just the start of the journey - one of that "we can't stop being on."

Dean Colver

Director, Parks, Recreation & Culture

Town of Collingwood

In working with Michèle Newton to build an Assessment Tool supporting identification of gaps in anti-Black racism policy, the Town of Collingwood received feedback that helped to elevate our internal dialogue regarding priorities in the equity, diversity, and inclusion realm. Michèle’s clarity and honesty helped us to challenge our own approaches, and apply more deliberate thinking about the systems that are ubiquitous in our organization. We really appreciate having the opportunity to work with her

Karyn Baker

Chairperson, SGB Anti-Black Racism Sub-Committee

The Anti-Black Racism Sub-Committee of the SGB Social and Health Services Network wanted to find collective ways that our community could address anti-Black racism. Michèle was instrumental in helping us to clarify our planning process and to assist with our first step of developing an Organizational Anti-Black Racism Assessment Tool. Based on her research and guidance, we were able to develop a tool that we are proud of. I especially appreciated her ability to help us reflect, ponder, analyze and create solutions to our questions. I was grateful for her patience during this process and her ability to get the task done within our timelines.